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28 December 2014

Donnas Dyreklinik i Nuuk (Donna’s Animal Clinic in Nuuk)

Veterinarian Jennifer Andersen saved Girly.

The large growth inside Girly's mouth (pictured below) meant a salivary gland had to be removed else she would have died.

Girly's ranula before surgery.
At the beginning of October I had been told no vet in Greenland could perform the surgery so I spoke on the phone with veterinarian Tim Richardson (in Iceland) at length about Girly’s condition. Surgery was the only option. We tried getting Tim here but laws and regulations about incoming vets, and drugs they carry from another countries, are strict. We were offered help from Greenlandic government officials to follow this route but time was running out and the protocol was guaranteed to be slow.

Through word of mouth kind professionals (with nothing to gain from saving Girly) made time to help. Jennifer Andersen's name was recommended and I told Tim, who offered to talk with her.

Tim spoke at length about the procedure and very quickly Jennifer said she would come and operate on Girly. Based in Greenland’s capital (Nuuk), vet Jennifer Andersen works for Donnas Dyreklinik and her journey here to Ittoqqortoormiit was a long one as Nuuk is roughly 1,000 miles away as the raven flies.

After the successful surgery, Jennifer monitored Girly's progress for a couple of days. When Girly looked stable I asked Jennifer if she would like to go out on the sled with 11 of my dogs. There was a big smile and off we went. The day was calm, not too cold and light snow fell like spangled glitter.

Girly is still indoors and making a full recovery. When she goes outside to spend a penny we will put a protective fleece neck warmer on until the stitches have dissolved and the fur has grown back.

Jennifer Andersen and I sit with Girly wearing her fleece neck warmer.
My sincere thanks to Tim Richardson for his time, invaluable guidance and for giving us hope.

Thanks too go to all those kind people who kept coming back to me with answers to find a way to make Girly well again.

I also wish to thank all the team at Donnas Dyreklinik, their regular patrons and the people of Nuuk for their patience while their vet was out of town. If it were not for private donations Donnas Dyreklinik would not exist. Thank god it does. The people of Nuuk should be very proud.

To Jennifer Andersen, we thank you for your kindness, professionalism and your special can-do attitude that enabled you to overcame all the obstacles you were faced with here in the most remote community in Greenland. You saved our Girly.

Girly thanking Jennifer.
For more about Donnas Dyreklinik go to http://www.facebook.com/DonnasDyreklinik.