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18 May 2015

Muscles On Muscles

I arrived in Greenland eight years ago this month. Having been out of Greenland for only two weeks during that time, I have not seen trees for seven years.

I chose Ittoqqortoormiit (Greenland’s most remote community) pure and simply because of the dogs and because there was so much unexplored territory. I have been into these regions now with my dogs.

Returning home from a journey into the unknown.
Despite their great achievements, so little detail has been written about dogs on polar expeditions and how past explorers selected, cared for, and bred their expedition dogs. This has been, in part, the basis for my writing a blog.

The blog is one means to document, but there is so much more to know (good and bad) about my life with dogs and our adventures. Will there be a book revealing the best and worst of my career experiences in the Arctic with people and most of all with dogs? Right now there is still too much for my dogs and me to do.

This past winter I worked as hard as it was physically possible to do. I slept on the floor at home and more often than not in my clothes too tired to undress. Consequently my dogs have never looked better or been fitter. They have muscles on muscles. As for me, there's more fat on a butcher's pencil.

For almost 20 years I have been dedicated to dogs and living full-time in the Arctic. My house is my base-camp and home for my kennel that averages 20 dogs at any one time.

When I arrived in Greenland in May 2007 I had already covered 11,000 polar surface miles with dogs. I thought I knew a little bit. Now close to 22,000 polar surface miles with dogs I know a little bit more.

I am only as good as my dogs; what has been achieved we have done together.

The next eight years will be exciting too.

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