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29 April 2016


Ittoqqortoormiit’s dog sledding season is probably the longest in the world. My dogs and I have been running and covering miles for half a year now with more season still to come.

I’ve recently returned from being out on a journey with 13 of my dogs. We left in March. I like being isolated and alone with my dogs. It intensifies the closeness.

Camped after a day's travel.

There were days I felt ecstatic working hard with my dogs. The ecstasy was allowed to run.

I was less ecstatic tent-bound for two days sitting out a storm with winds beyond hurricane force (gusts hit 90 miles an hour). Generally, people struck by hurricanes evacuate their brick and mortar homes.

The morning after a two-day siege.
Some days were colder than others.

Frosty morning.
One day we saw a rather large polar bear with a cub and there were times we saw lots of musk-oxen looking like cows feeding quietly in a field. All these animals barely caused us to raise an eyebrow.

What did raise eyebrows happened on one warmer evening while we were camped. There was utter silence. Until we saw a fly. It passed close by me first and its wing beats were deafening. The fly flew on to cause a kerfuffle amongst my dogs. We don't see many flies, making this one a noteworthy wildlife sighting.

Resting on the way home.
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