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15 February 2017


I do not know of any affluent dog mushers. With so many mouths to feed, we all count the pennies. Jennifer and I work hard for money to buy supplies that have to last us an entire year since our very brief summer is the only time these goods can be delivered in bulk (by ship). The biggest part of our import consignment includes six tons of dry dog food. Considering the 1,500-mile voyage it takes to get here, it is always a huge relief when our dog food arrives safely.

Six tons of dog food delivered to last another year.
Within Greenland, hunting seals, whales, polar bears and walrus may account for some sled dog food but not all. Commercial dog food is imported to all communities within Greenland's protected sled dog area. The protected dog area is the only one of its kind in the world, home to approximately 16,000 working sled dogs (a breed named the Greenland Dog). Dog laws stipulate that dogs born outside of this protected sled dog area are not allowed in. And if dogs born within this area leave, they are never allowed back.

Worldwide, dog food is big business. I have seen big-brand dog food companies try to get a foothold within Greenland and I have seen them all fail. Except SKYTTENS HUNDEFODER.

SKYTTENS ARKTIS sled dog food caters specifically to the nutritional needs of working sled dogs.
SKYTTENS ARKTIS sled dog food has been sold in Greenland since the 1980s. It was developed to nourish Greenland Dogs working hard in brutal cold. I know of no other dog food specially developed for a single working dog breed. It is unique.

All of my litters are weaned on to this food. For adults, SKYTTENS ARKTIS sled dog food builds stamina and strength throughout conditioning training and promotes good health.

The Awesome Foursome litter.
During journeys it maintains health and well being for the dogs at the peak of their season. I have peace of mind that there is nothing better to fuel my dogs. The proof is how the dogs enjoy eating this food and how they look and perform on it.

Part of a team, the Awesome Foursome as adults.
Prior to my winter journeys, depots are laid in strategic locations during summer and stored in crates. The greatest part of these cached supplies is made up of SKYTTENS ARKTIS sled dog food.

Happy having laid another cache crate of journey supplies.
And there the dog food waits for us to come along months later in deep snow. Picking up supplies en-route during a journey enables us to penetrate further into Greenland's wilderness.

Fueled and working hard.
When I lived in Arctic Canada no SKYTTENS ARKTIS sled dog food was available there. What are named Canadian Eskimo Dogs have long since been genetically proven to be the same breed as Greenland Dogs. Working hard in the cold, Canadian Eskimo Dogs would hugely benefit from SKYTTENS ARKTIS sled dog food compared with other available dog food brands.

You are what you eat; dogs are what they eat. The best training plan for your dogs with the best conditioning program is not enough. The best dogs the world has ever seen will never reach their full potential with the wrong feeding.

SKYTTENS ARKTIS sled dog food has been tried and proven, not just by my kennel, but for nearly 40 years by Greenlandic dog mushers and hunters working their dogs in Greenland's high Arctic.

If there was a better complete dog food for my dogs I would be using it. But there is not.

Always a relief to get a new dog food shipment.
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